Are Gynecologists Qualified to Inject Fillers?

Who can become qualified to do facial filling procedures?
My Gyno (Gynecologist) has been doing cosmetic procedures like facial filers etc. Is it ok that she is not a Plastic Surgeon or a Derm Doc?

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Not officially.

Would you allow your dermatologist or plastic surgeon to do a cervical biopsy or D&C on you?

If you are already asking the question you must have some doubts. I am sure there are many "unqualified", physicians that do a perfectly good job with filler just like there a some " qualified" physicians and surgeons that lack the expertise needed for a good consistent results. Plastic surgeons, and dermatologist learn to inject fillers in Botox in their training programs and injectables is a core part of most of their practices. Gynecologist do not focus on cosmetic procedures and learn nothing whatsoever about facial anatomy in residencies. They pick up the fillers after their formal training to "fill in" the holes in their practice.

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