How long you need to wait to workout or run, after you have a surgery on the neck or under the chin?

I have a second part of a reconstruction of my neck and scar revision about 6 month ago and to finish a had the second part (under the chin) 6 days ago.

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Post neck lift recovery

Your surgeon can best answer your question on when to return to activity such as running.  For a neck lift I typically allow return to running / aerobic activity after 14 days.  Again best to ask your surgeon who know exactly what was done.  

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How long to wait to workout or run after surgery on the neck or under chin?

I would really recommend contacting your surgeon for instructions on when to workout or run after your surgery on the neck or chin.  Each surgeon will have a different preference and also the extent of the surgery would influence how long to wait before exercising.  Your particular surgeon will be able to answer your question best.  

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