After Rhinoplasty - Will Nose Collapse if I Get Hit on the Nose?

Let's Say a Guy Had a Nose Job, 2 Years Later He Hit His Nose or Got Biten Up. No i am not a guy, but i am a messy type of person who jumps around all day and is very playfull. i don't know why but i've noticed that i always get hit on the nose by accedents, if i had a nose job, and got hit on the nose, will it lead to nose collapse or anything else??

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Rhinoplasty, will nose collapse if hit.

If the period shortly after you surgery (up to about 6 months) , your nose will be weak and could be easily injured by trauma.   At two years after the surgery, you nose should be no more likely to get injured than if you did not have a rhinoplasty.

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Worried after Rhinoplasty

If you have a Rhinoplasty and your nasal bones are broken during that Rhinoplasty you will be vulnerable within the first month if your nose was hit.  After that the nasal bones become set and are quite stable.  If your nose is hit hard enough to break the nose, it would have broken regardless of whether you had a previous Rhinoplasty or not.

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