Skin has become very rough due to repeated pimples and dark spots developed thereafter. How to get glowing skin? (Photos)

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Halo Laser Resurfacing

Thanks for your question. I understand your concerns. While nothing is perfect, there are many tools on the market that plastic surgeons can use to help you get better looking skin. Technology goes in waves and fads, but recently I've been very impressed with something called the Halo laser treatment by Sciton. I had it done myself, and we should have some photos/video up soon on the process. It is effective at treating dark pigmented spots, capillary spots, and overall skin brightness. You might research that option? Best wishes.

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How to improved pigmented dull skin including acne problems?

We all desire great skin: smooth, bright, clear.....but sometimes skin does not behave like we want. Heredity, inflammation like acne, sun exposure, neglect, smoking, aging...all these can affect skin.  When unwanted pigment, scars, roughness, wrinkles, acne and other problems are untreated, it only gets worse. There is no ‘magic cream’ or ‘super laser’ which fixes all these things. Rather,  treatment plans must be individualized for each person. This requires a careful evaluation of your skin by a qualified physician and then a plan to reduce damaging factors and the addition of helpful factors, often beginning with some specific skin topicals.  This may later be followed by laser or pulsed light therapies or even more assertive therapies.  This will be a journey, not an isolated event. But ‘improved’ skin is usually possible. 

Donn R. Chatham, MD
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Improving skin after pimples

Thank you for asking about your skin.

  • A very good question - a lot can be done.
  • First the pimples need to be completely controlled -
  • The dark spots are the result of your skin being inflamed by acne.
  • You will need an aggressive skin care program, probably with tretinoin, skin lightener, glyclolics, a topical antibiotic and sun block.
  • After six weeks, you can have a TCA peel of the skin to remove damaged skin.
  • You should be under the care of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon -
  • The approach may need to be modified, depending on how things improve.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Skin rejuventation

Hello and thank you for your question. Good skin care relies on a comprehensive regiment. I would start with a cleanser the remove film that may clog up your pores. I would see a skin specialist and ask for a regiment that includes a retinol. Lastly good sun protection will minimize solar damage to your skin. Prior to starting anything it is important to see a specialist to ensure you will not have an allergy or reaction. Best Wishes Theodore T. Nyame MD 

Theodore Nyame, MD
Charlotte Physician
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