Gurgling in implant, but it's 3+ years after surgery. Is this normal?

My original silicone implants ruptured (after 24 yrs) and I had them replaced with silicone implants in 2010. Now its 2014 and just yesterday I heard & felt gurgling from the right implant. I emailed my surgeon (I moved to another state) and will call his office when I can get some privacy at work to make the call. Is this normal??? I'm getting concerned.

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Gurgling around silicone implants

Your surgery was 4 years ago so something has happened.
  • It could be a seroma (fluid collection) especially if you had Allergan textured implants,
  • Or it could be implant rupture,
  • Or something else.
  • An ultrasound will help and you may need an MRI.
  • Once you talk to your plastic surgeon, you may be able to have the studies near your present home.
  • But both seromas and implant rupture need to be corrected surgically - they are not an emergency but ideally within 6 weeks. best wishes.

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Gurgling implant 3 years post-surgery

Any change in breast implants following surgery maybe worthwhile having checked out. If this gurgling has appeared recently it may be an indication that something has changed in the implant and I would recommend that you see your plastic surgeon to assess this. It may be that they can reassure you and scan the area to give you the best idea of likely cause of the change.

I wish you the best of luck and hope all is well with your breasts following your implant.

Best wishes.

Adrian Richards, MD
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Gurgling post implant

This may be due to a seroma which is a collection of fluid present within the capsu;le around the implant.If you had textured implants place this is more than likely the cause.It is nothing to worry about.You could have an ultrasound of your breast done to see if fluid is there.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Silicone breast implant symptoms

If you are having signs or abnormal symptoms regarding your breast implants, you had best be evaluated by a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

A history and physical should be performed.  If you have silicone breast implants, MRI may be necessary to further evaluate the implant for a sub clinical rupture.

Best of luck.

Joshua Lampert, MD,FACS
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