Gunshot in the Face a Yr Ago, is It Possible the Metal Can Come Out?

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It depends on how deep the metal is embedded.

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Generally deep metal fragments are generally left where they rest.  Superficial fragments generally are removed as completely as possible at the time the wounds are initially assessed and treated.  If there is a particular fragment that is bothering you, you should be assessed by a facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon who can advise you on what should be done.

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Gun Shot wound

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You have given too little information to adequately answer your question. I would have liked to have information regarding the type of gun shot (shot gun or rifle), where exactly to injury was and what treatment was given. In general, though, it is certainly possible for metal to work toward  the skin surface, bulge and even "spit" out. Metal fragments may also become encased in scar tissue and remain.

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