How Will my Gums Respond to a Smile Makeover?

What possible side effects on the gums should be expected? What determines if a smile makeover is a good medical option?

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Healthy tissue response can indicate a quality smile makeover

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I am assuming by "Smile Makeover", you mean porcelain veneers. If there is no need to even tissue heights by moving the tissue up slightly on certain teeth, then the veneer ends just above the tissue. This means no irritation to the tissue when cleaned and maintained normally.  If tissue does need to be brought up on some teeth, then those areas will require a little time to mature (heal). In either case, when done correctly and maintained properly, there is terrific, healthy, natural response to a smile makeover and in some ways, indicate how well the veneers are done.

Chicago Dentist

Gums respond well to Smile Makeover

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When a Smile Makeover is done properly your gums should response well with no side effects.  Many times the conditions of the gums will actually improve due to new porcelain restorations that no longer irritate the gums compared to the existing restorations that might be ill fitting. 

On certain situations gum recession or inflammation could occur if a new porcelain restoration is extended too close to the bone that is under the gums.  This can be eliminated if the dentist can identify this potential problem before the treatment is done.  He or she may need to perform crown lengthening on these teeth or the restoration's margins are kept far enough from the existing bone level.  It all depends on such factors as how much of the gum line you show when you smile or if your existing teeth have either existing deep restorations or cavities very deep and under the gums.

Dan Haas, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Side effects from smile makeover

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If your teeth are properly prepared by your dentists and quality lab is used and bonded correcly on your teeth your gums should not have any side effects from a smile makeover.  A big if but nonetheless you should not have any problems

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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