Gummy Bear Low Profile 440 Over??confused!help Plz!

hello...i'm a little bit confused.I'm 169cm,59 kg...and flat B breast cup.I was adviced to go for 440 Low profile or 490 low profile over my muscles inspire implants(my choice of implants)... I don't want to look flat, too wide and saggy ,and i'm not sure about my nipples position after the surgery..gosh,to many questions...what would you advice?thank you for your time.:)

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Gummy bear

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i would not recommend the low profile.  i dont think you will get the projection that you want.. use one of the higher projections.  i would place it subnuscular or use a 2 plane approach depending on where your pectoralis attaches to the ribs. good luck

Newark Plastic Surgeon

Implant choice for augmentation

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You have very pretty breasts with good skin envelopes.   High profile implants are more prone to rippling in slender women so  I would recommend moderate plus profile implants.  These will give you a nice contour with better upper pole contour.

In my practice I use temporary implants in the operating room to pick the best size, and I keep a dozen pairs of implants at the ready so I have all options available.  Go over pictures with your surgeon so he or she knows your goals.  The actual size of the implant is not as important as the final result.

You should definitely have the implants placed over the muscle.  Based on your pre-op pictures you should have an excellent result.

Gummy Bear Low Profile 440 Over??confused!help Plz!

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Loe Profile is not what you are describing as to the result you desire. Try MP or HP (thus is the one I would recommend) but slightly larger also, to 450+ cc's

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Choosing shaped or round implants

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Choosing the shape and profile of your implants is best determined by trying out different samples at your plastic surgeon's office, or using one of the new 3D systems to simulate what the end result will look like.

A low profile implant is 'flat' and wide, which is what you seem to not want.  Perhaps you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon, try on some samples, or get a second opinion. 


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Choosing your breast implant size

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Thank you for the question and photos. I would not suggest low profile and I normally do not suggest over the muscle. You have a very nice starting point and can have a very nice result.  I use temporary sizers in the operating room  and adjust them to see exactly what size implants will give the patient the "look" they are looking for.  I ask patients to bring in "goal photos" so that I can understand what they are trying to achieve. It's very difficult to know what a patient means by "C-cup" but much easier when they show photos.  Please make sure the surgeon you choose is a board certified plastic surgeon and has experience with performing breast surgery.  Best Wishes!


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