Why Are Gummy Bear Implants Supposed to Be Better?

Why are gummy bear implants supposed to be better than regular gel implants?

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Are the Gummy Bear Breast Implants Better?

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The 5th generation breast implants or so called gummy bear implants are in fact better. The research is now out and they have been shown to be stronger with less chance of rupture. This means that the reoperation rate is lower. The textured gummy bear implants have been shown to have a lower capsule contracture rate and Sientra even offers to replace your implants should you get a contracture in the first 5 years. The cohesive gel implants also feel more natural since there are rarely any folds in the implants. I have added a video that goes over most of this.

In short these are great implants.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Gummy bear implants not available in USA

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I suspect that the implants you are talking about are not available, except in a limited number of trial studies, in the USA.  Some people call the current generation of silicone gel filled implants "gummy bear", but my understanding is that the "form stable" implants, those not widely available (yet), are what you are talking about.  In any case, the "gummy bear" implants are tear-drop shaped and not for use in everyone.  Your PS can help you with the decision if/when they become available.  They are not round, so if they shift that can be a problem.  One reason I like round implants is that the can rotate all they want and no one cares/knows.  Best of luck to you.

Gummy Bear Implants Better?

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Although you will hear "marketing strategies" that will state that one implant is better than the other but there is no scientific testing that states one implant is "better" than another.  Each patient's starting point and goal are different and so the implant selection will differ for each patient.

More important than the type of implant is your selection of a well experienced plastic surgeon.  Allow him/her to select the correct implants to achieve your goals.

Best wishes.

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Gummy Bear Implants are not better for the average patient

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Hi there-

I suspect that what you are referring to as "gummy bear" implants are really the newest generation of gel implants (such as Mentor's Memory Gel), which have a silicone filler that is much more cohesive. These are excellent implants.

True Cohesive gel implants (true gummy bear implants) are much too solid for the average breast augmentation patient, and are not generally available in the United States.

"Gummy Bear" implants better?????

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Why would you make that statement? Where did you acquire the notion that so called Gummy Bear implants are in some way "better"? These implants are shaped with an even more cohesive filler. Consequently they must have a textured surface so they don't rotate once placed into the implant pocket. But some of them still rotate anyway and then don't look right. Because they are textured, with a thicker filler, they are more firm, thus negating one of the greatest benefits of gel implant - that it feels softer or more natural. I have removed a number of GB implants because patients were unhappy with them. It seems to me that the only people who believe that GB implants are in any way better are the manufacturer (who make money selling them to you), or the few surgeons in the U.S. who are paid by the manufacturer to sell them to you as part of a study. There are situations in which so called "form stable" implants may offer benefits to certain patients, but for the average augmentation patient I do not believe that GB offer any benefits, and actually have a number of detractions. And finally, why you want to place something called "Gummy Bear" in your body?

Why Are Gummy Bear Implants Supposed to Be Better?

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They aren't better, just different and your surgeon can explain them too you if you live outside the US. If you are a US resident, the Gummy Bear implant is not available.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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