Gummy Bear Implants From 350CC to 354CC: Should I See a Difference?

Four months ago had Gummy Bear implants and lollipop lift after removal of original silicone implants from 2001.

Original size was 350cc's and new are 354cc's in both right and left. Should I feel the difference? Wearing bra 24 hours a day. Sternum is sore and scars are bright red and sore.

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Implant Size and Scar Redness

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The difference of four cc's, is slightly more than a big thimble, and this size difference would not be noticeable. However, the "Gummy Bear " implants are form stable and therefor harder than traditional silicon gel implants. Due to the firmer nature of these implants, they will hang and project differently.

Scars generally become the reddest after six months, and tend to mature and lighten over the next one to two years. The scars you describe, sound more red and inflamed than usual, and should be looked at by your surgeon.

354cc vs. 350cc is less than 1 teaspoon volume difference--invisible. But the lift makes drastic changes!

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No patient can see a 4cc difference in implant volumes, particularly with different types of implants and the addition of a modified vertical lift--these changes are much more drastic and visible than less than 1 teaspoon volume increase. The lifts would make your breasts higher and tighter, and scars will be permanent, but will fade, settle, and soften (as well as perhaps widening a bit) over 6-12 months. Do not expose your scars to ultraviolet of any kind while they are pink (including tanning beds) or else they may turn permanently brown!

At 4 months post-op, your sternum should not be sore any longer, unless you are extremely active and your pectoralis major muscles (attached to the sternum and ribs) are causing your discomfort. A supportive bra (or two) when exercising or running may help to reduce this. Scars are expected to be pink for many months, but each patient heals at different rates.

See your surgeon if you have concerns or questions! Good luck!

Volume change of 4 cc.

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4 cc is too small a difference to make any significant change in volume.  If you are still sore at 4 months and are concerned about your scars, you should see your surgeon.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D.

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In general you should not likely see or feel the difference in implant size. However you are likely feeling the result of the skin reduction done for your lift.


Delio Ortegon, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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