Gum Tissue. Recently Had Bonding Replaced With Veneers?

I recently had bonding replaced with veneers about a week ago. I noticed that there is a small open space at the top between my front teeth. My dentist said the space is normal and is only visible because the bonding was too wide and mishapen. He said that with time the gum will probably fill in that small area. Is there any truth to that? And is there anything I can do to speed things along?

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Gum space after veneers

Yes, this is correct. It is best to not have excess material around gums since it can cause irritation and long term problems. Many times this gum does fill in but it may take several weeks to a couple of months. There is not much you can do other than regular oral hygiene.

It after a few months it has not filled in and it bothers you, then you may ask to have them re-done to fill in the space. The question is who pays for it. This is up to debate, but I would not charge again for this since I want may patients happy. I also have a relatively high fee to begin with for this reason.

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