How to Have Less Gum Show? (Fuller Smile) (photo)

After four teeth extractions were done and taking off my braces I am happy with the result because my cheeks look sunken in and I have a short smile. I went to a dentist in the area and he suggested me to do a gum surgery so less gum show and then put Lumineers on the upper 8 teeth. What do you think of this suggestion? Also I have seen some awful reviews of Lumineers so I am wondering if it is possible to wear braces (invisilign) to push my molars forward to create a fuller smile. Thanks!

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Your case demands careful analysis

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The photo you provided does show a narrow dental arch, but it doesn't demonstrate the excess gums you mention.  It almost looks like the tooth to the left of the left central incisor is a cuspid tooth.  Were you missing a left lateral incisor?  Were your teeth excessively crowded to begin with?  Did you have thin bone or tissue on some of your teeth? Was your orthodontic treatment performed by a trained orthodontist or a general dentist?  These and numerous other factors should be evaluated to come up with a solution to your case.  I suggest you visit a reputable orthodontist to get answers.  These days well trained orthodontists generally don't prescribe tooth extractions unless they are necessary.  The other response to your question made assumptions that are impossible to truly know without seeing you in person. 

Seattle Orthodontist

How to Have a Fuller Smile

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Unfortunately, you had 4 bicuspids extracted prior to your orthodontics. That made the ortho go easier, but, unfortunately, left you looking like you have no teeth beyond the front 6. I have always expressed my disgust with orthodontists that insist on bicuspid removal. You now have a very narrow arch that can also result in TNJ and Sleep Apnea issues. Gum surgery will not help, nor will VERY UGLY LOOKING LUMINEERS. What you need is arch expansion (more ortho) or else full mouth rehab which will build out your remaining bicuspids and molars to give you a fuller smile.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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