I Have a Gum Recession Be tween Two Front Teeth While Having Braces

That created a black triangle between my two front upper teeth. My orthodontist said that shaving a small amount of teeth in order to bring them closer is not an option because it will only worsen the gum recession. I heard that a gum/bone graft can fix the problem but only for limited time. What is the chance of success of bone and gum graft procedure done in a long run?

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Dark triangle between teeth after braces

Thanks for your question. Some anatomical variations are difficult to make ideal. it is a ltitle difficult to tell f rom the picture you sent - often shavign the lower third of the contact and moving the teeth closer together will solve the problem but may open some spaces elsewhere. Sometimes the solution is Porcelain Veneers or bonding to close down the spaces. Bone and tissue grafting in the papilla area have not proven to be a debendable solution. Best of luck to you.

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