Will Gum Look Normal Again When new Veneer is Placed? What is Best Way to Remove Old Veneer?

my porcelain veneer on front tooth has to be replaced as my tooth underneath has become dark and shows through, especially in photos. Also a year after veneer was placed, the gum directly above became dark red, puffy and bleeds easily. My dentist said that the nerve is now dead.

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Complications with veneers being placed

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I think you have two fold issue.  Your nerve may have died which is why the tooth appears darker but more concerning is that the gum is inflamed and bleeds easily.,  Most veneers are placed above or at the tissue level rarely affecting the gum tissue.  I would speak to your dentist about your concerns.  If you are not satisfied with his answers seek a second opinion

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Veneer Challenges

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Before you get a new veneer you should address both the dead nerve and the gum tissue above it.  A new veneer might not be what you need-You can do a root canal and whiten the tooth from the back if the problem is the darkening of the tooth.  You did not mention how old your veneer is now and that is also a factor in redoing the veneer.  Gum tissues should look great-If you feel you are not sure about the recommended treatment, go get a second opinion.  Much success!

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
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Problems with Veneer

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What you are describing is fairly unusual.  Veneer margins rarely cause any gum problems, certaining not to the extent you are describing.  I would get a second opinion before proceeding.

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A Proper Fitting Veneer Will Not Cause Gum Problems

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You probably have 2 different issues going on. The nerve might have died, causing the tooth to darken, however, that would NOT have been responsible for the swollen, red gum around the margin of the Veneer. That would have come from a faulty margin of the Veneer. It's easy to remove a Veneer using the drill. However, i would be hesitant to let the same dentist make the new Veneer if he cant explain why your gum looks so bad and unhealthy.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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