Gum Lift Causes Yellow Teeth to Appear?

Hello, I would like to have a gum lift because my upper rear teeth are shorter then the rest, causing some gum to appear. I have some questions first: Is the tooth below the gum different in shape, making it look unnatural if exposed? Is the newly exposed part of the tooth yellow? - If so does bleaching remove the colour? Lastly; does it cause sensitivity, gabs inbetween the teeth, and therefore more food to get stuck inbetween the teeth? Thank you in advance. P.S I do not want veneers.

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Gum lift for short teeth

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You need to determine if your gums are inflamed which may be causing the teeth to appear smaller. If this is the case curing the gingivitis or periodontitis will allow the tissue to recede to a possibly normal level. If your gums are healthy and the teeth appear small, you need to find out if the crowns of the teeth are covered by tissue or just root surface. If there is no crown beneath the gums then a gum lift is not the answer.  Seek the advice of a board certified oral and Maxillofacial surgeon or periodontist for a consultation

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