Gum Graft For Recession, But Gums Are Inflamed; How is this Addressed?

I would like to get a gum graft for the recession I have had recently. My concern is my gums are rather inflamed and I don't know if the procedure can be done while they are in their current state. How is inflammation address prior to and after a gum graft?

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Gum Graft for Recession

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The inflammation of the gums can be taken care of with a professional and cleaning and great Oral Hygiene home routine.  This step is essential prior to addressing the gum recession, as surgery outcome greatly depends on it.  You should see a Board Certified Periodontist to assess and treat your gums

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Gum Grafts For Recession

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You are very correct in that you must take care of any gingival inflammation prior to gum graft surgery.  This is accomplished by having a scaling and root planing by your dentist if necesary, sometimes a general cleaning is all that is needed.  Sometimes antibiotics may be prescribed as well if the inflammation is severe. This must be done prior to any sugery becuase once the inflammation is gone, the recession may be greater than it is now because healthy gums will "shrink" up and get tighter.  Also a graft will get infected and fail if there is inflammation present.  There are several techniques for gum grafts and each one has its own reason for being performed. This depends on the area that needs to be grafted and the amount of grafting necessary.

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