Is Gullwing Lip Lift Appropriate for Me? A 20 Year Old Who Has Never Had Lips! (photo)

I have never ever ever had lips!! I barely have a lip line. I have done Juverderm three times. While I LOVE the plumpness..I hate the price tag and no visible teeth show. I have old lady thin lips that have never showed teeth. It really brings my self confidence down because all the women in my family did not have these lips. I was told by a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, that he would remake the lip line on top and bottom. I have done MUCH research and I find good and bad reviews.

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Lip Advancement: A Nice Alternative to the Lip Lift and Lip Implants

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The lip lift is a way to shorten the upper lip by removing skin above the lip and pulling the lip upwards.  Although it can give some good results for some patients, it can produce very visible scars and lip deformity on young patients and others who are not good candidates.


Lip implant can give a nice enlargement of the lips, but if you have a thin upper lip, you will often achieve a "duck-like" lip shape with the implant.  The implant enlarges your lip shape without really changing it.



Patients should be aware of another procedure which can offer good results.  We perform lip advancement procedures which are performed inside the mouth with no visible scars from the outside.  Lip tissue is moved outwards with this procedure, giving a fuller appearing lip.  No implant is required and the results are permanent.   

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Lip Implants are a very natural permanent way to fix lips.

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If you like the way your lips look with temporary fillers such as juvederm/restylane then you should consider the soft natural looking permanent lip implants. There are 3 main types with all sizes available and run $1500-2000 per lip and done in about 20 minutes under local. They are easy to put in and easy to remove if ever needed. In the long run, they save a lot of money and painful injections of temp. fillers. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Lip Lift Surgery

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  Thank you for including photographs with your question.  It makes having a meaningful discussion about your question a little more realistic.


  To start I think you have very full and proportionate lips which compliment your other facial features.   Everyone feels a little bit differently lip lift surgery, I tend to discourage most patients from pursuing it.  There will always be a scar visible on the skin.  In young skin without any wrinkles or creases the scar is even more challenging to camouflage.  The distance between your upper lip and your nose is not excessively long and does not need to be reduced to bring it into balance. 

   In my opinion lip augmentation using injectable fillers offers the best option for creating full, voluptuous  appearing lips.  Both temporary fillers (Juvederm, Restylane) and permanent fillers (Silikon 1000) can be precisely and artistically placed into the lips.

  There are many surgical options for permanent lip augmentation.  The wide range of available products typically suggests that there is no single best option, but rather a variety of options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs

Hope this helps.

Christopher Kolstad, MD
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Lip Lift

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The Lip Lift procedure is sometimes done in conjunction with lip implants, but not always.  This procedure is an outpatient procedure, and many times performed in an office setting under local anesthesia.   From your photos you appear to be a good candidate.  Schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) for an experienced surgeon in this field.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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