After three monthly fractional laser treatments for scars, can I wait 12 weeks for subsequent session? (photos)

I have been getting fractional laser for thighlift and brachioplasty scars. I'd like to wait 12 weeks for fourth laser sessions to see how my skin and scars heal. I'm olive skin and fear I'm developing significant pigmentation. Am I? I know 3-5 weeks is ideal between sessions but can/should we take a less aggressive approach in my situation? How/why would waiting 12 weeks for 4th treatment affect result? Currently I am 6 weeks post 3rd treatment. Thank you - I'd love some reassurance.

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You can leave longer duration between treatment

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Leaving a longer duration such as 12 weeks between treatments, should not affect your treatment outcome.  With your olive skin, I often also use hydroquinone and glycolic acid compounds alternating with a topical retinoid such as tretinoin to further improve the scar and reduce the pigmentation between treatments.  In occlusive areas such as armpits and inner thighs, however, be careful not to develop irritation.

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