Can I stop my hair fall instantly? 24 year old girl and using mintop 5% with folifast and biokare forty from last 45 days

.but inspit of decreasing hair fall it increases on daily basis and after washing the hair it four times more hair is falling .y??.i have to tell you that my parents also have good growth of hair but after 25 to 30 's age their hair also fall down & my sisters hair also fall down but now her hair not fall but my hair fall not stop.what should i do any treatment or therapu can u suggest me to stop hair fall instently????

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How to stop/reduce the hair loss rate.

Hello. I understand how stressful it is to be loosing hair. Specially being a female. What I can think about whit none to very little side effects is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). This procedure consists on getting some of your blood and putting it in a machine that will separate the different ingredients that are in the blood. From those ingredients we take the growth factors and inject them in your scalp. These growth factors will start working in your follicles enhancing your hair and reducing (and even stopping) the rate of your hair loss.Best of lucks and I hope this answers your concerns and question.

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