Wait Before Trying a Brand New Skin Tightening Treatment?

on rachel ray i saw a new procedure for facial skin firming that gets rid of wrinkles without surgery. should i wait a while before trying new technology? if yes, then when is someone no longer considered a guinea pig?

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Checklist for a new procedure

Here is my short list of questions you want to ask if you are considering having the procedure you just saw premiered on the local news, Prime Time or 60 Minutes, or after your doctor says: “Try this, it’s brand new.”

  1. How long has the procedure been performed in the U.S.?
  2. Doctor, how long have you been performing it?
  3. How many times have you performed the procedure?
  4. What is the longest case follow- up you have had?
  5. May I see before-and-after photos of typical results?
  6. May I speak with a patient who had this performed recently?
  7. May I know the name of the surgeon who originated the technique?
  8. Which other cosmetic surgeons in this community perform the same procedure?
  9. What are the possible complications, side effects, dissatisfactions?
  10. Of these, which is the most common complication?
  11. Which is the most serious?
  12. If complications occur or I’m dissatisfied, how can this be corrected?
  13. And are there additional costs for the correction?

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