I guess I'm looking for an Oculoplastic surgeon? (photo)

I'm not quite sure exactly what I need, but I realize that I do not like by eye area. My forehead slants straight down like a man's as opposed to being rounded like a woman's. My eyebrows aren't arched or rounded and they sit a bit low. Also my eyelids seem puffy even though I'm only 24. Would I go to an oculoplastic surgeon? Any recommendation for what I should specifically get done? And who are the best surgeons for the eye area? I would be willing to go anywhere… it doesn't have to be local.

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You do not need surgery

you have beautiful eye and surgery is not an option. You may find a surgeon to offer to do eyelid surgery, but you will not be happy. 

New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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You actually have a nice brow.

You do have an arch, and the fullness you have in the temporal area is something we try to give to people with fillers and fat.  If you want to see someone in your area I would recommend Alan Wulc who is an excellent oculoplastic surgeon.  But not sure you need anything!!

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Before you rush to have surgery…

You should consider a properly done brow shaping.  This has the power to provide an feminine accent to the brows without the need of resorting to surgery.  While I am very fond of many of the oculoplastic surgeons in your area, try something less than surgery as a first option and see where that takes you.  Brow shaping is generally done every 6 weeks.  Spend a little time to find an esthetician who does nothing but eyebrows.  Specializing makes a big difference.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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