Good Candidates for Tattoo Removal?

Hand tattoo and forearm are they okay for removal they are 7 years

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Tattoo Removal Candidate

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The ideal tattoo assisted laser candidate would be someone with a tattoo with all black ink; the laser can penetrate the ink far better. Also, be aware that colors such as green, yellow, and red are the most difficult to remove. Laser removal can sometimes take several sessions so patients need to be aware of that so the procedure can be done correctly. “Dr. D”

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Tattoo Removal on Hands and Forearm

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Pete, the hands and forearms are one of the most common areas that we treat for tattoo removal.  That is because these are very visible areas and it's hard to hide a tattoo here.  Black tattoos usually respond well to laser treatment, although you will require multiple treatment sessions for best results.  The exact number of treatments depends on how dark the tattoos are and whether they were applied professionally or are home-made.  Make sure to avoid being tan in these areas before laser treatment.

Richard Ort, MD
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