Sclerotherapy with moderate compression stockings?

Hello. I'm 20 years old and had very mild varicose veins in my legs, mostly behind the knees. I went for sclero yesterday and to my surprise, which I had not been informed of, I needed to have purchased medical grade compression stockings for optimal results. I purchased a pair of moderate stockings from a pharmacy beforehand. Can I still expect to see results? How important is compression? Does the sclero solution not do its work, despite exterior compression? I'm very upset about this mix-up.

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Compression and improved vein appearance

Generally compression stockings do not improve the varicose veins.  It may temporarily improve the symptoms of varicose veins but does not reverse the damage that has already been done.  This require a more extensive treatment including one of several vein closure techniques.  Compression after sclerotherapy can improve the results of the sclerotherapy.  

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Venasmart compression stockings after sclerotherapy

Compression is absolutely key. I recommend Venasmart compression stockings after sclerotherapy. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Sclerotherapy with moderate compression stockings?

Thank you for your question.  Compression therapy following sclerotherapy is an important part.  The compression will aid in keeping the vein closed together following sclerotherapy to improve your result. I recommend 20-30 grade compression therapy, however, if you are not able to tolerate that strength then I recommend the next strength down 15-20 grade.  Best of luck to you!

Chad Robbins, MD
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Thank you for your question in regards to sclerotherapy. Compression is very important post-sclero treatments. A 20-30 grade compression or ace bandages are typically recommended. Compression will also help reduce complications such as pigmentation, clotting, possibly matting and to acheive your desired results. To be sure, see two or more board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.

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Post sclerotherapy compression hose.

There is no need for medical grade compression stockings post sclerotherapy.  Standard support hose for 48 hours is all that I recommend and my patients have been doing this with great success for over 20 years.  20-30mm Hg compression is what I recommend or ace wraps for 48 hours or lesser support hose compression if the 20-30 is not tolerated.

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Sclerotherapy with moderate compression stockings?

Compression is an important aspect of sclerotherapy treatment. Check with your treating doctor that you had the correct level of compression and the correct size. If this was the case then you would expect a good result

Sameh Dimitri, MD
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Sclerotherapy with moderate compression stockings?

The medical literature is quite clear that the results of spider vein treatment are vastly improved with the use of compression stockings. It is unfortunate that your treating office did not make you aware of this ahead of time. We always have the patients obtain them before treatment, so that we know they have them, and that they have tried them on so we know they fit properly. They should be a minimum of 15-20 mmHg strength, although 20-30 mmHg strength is probably better. If your stockings provide less compression than this level, they will not be as effective,

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Compression stockings after sclerotherapy

We recommend compression stockings for our patients post sclerotherapy. They help improve circulation in patients with venous insufficiency and with regards to sclerotherapy, they help reduce complications such as hyperpigmentation, clot formation, and possibly matting. Discuss with your treating physician. 

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Varicose Veins, Sclerotherapy, Compression

Compression stockings are very important for venous insufficiency. Although they will not treat or cure your varicose veins, they help by squeezing the calves and pushing blood flow back to the heart. Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that will shrink the vein and turn it into scar tissue so it is not visible from the outside of the leg. I suggest you consult with your physician for any concerns you may have. Best, Dr. Emer

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Compression Hose Free Sclerotherapy of Spider Veins

Research shows Compression Hose may help you look better by about 1-2 weeks. Hose are not essential but you may get more post treatment pigment and trapped blood in the treated veins so you may not look as good as quickly as if you wore hose.

Hose do NOT improve the efficacy of Sclerotherapy.

Again, hose may reduce trapped blood in a treated vein after Sclerotherapy thus improving appearance by a few weeks.We rarely have patients wear hose after Sclerotherapy since we are in Florida and hose may be hot and uncomfortable.

Christopher Pittman, MD
Tampa Phlebologist

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