Do minor hits and picking blackheads on nose a few weeks after Rhinoplasty damage the results?

I had closed rhinoplasty four months ago. The bandages were taken off after 3-4 weeks, and the skin under the bandages had gotten full of blackheads, so I picked it. I was careful and I did not feel any pain from doing this. I continued picking my nose until now and my nose looks the same still. I have also accidentally hit it slightly, to the point of hurting a bit, on a few occasions. Is it possible my nose will deform for having done these things, and that I will see the results later?

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Minor trauma after rhinoplasty

Dear CuriousFemale,

Thank you for your clinical post. In general, it is best not to traumatize the nose after closed or open rhinoplasty. With enough structural support of the tip and the bridge minor trauma such as picking blackheads and minor soft tissue trauma will not alter the structure of the nose. However, microdermabrasion, deep facials, Biore strips are better for improving the blackheads and complexion of oily skin that naturally occurs after being under a cast for a week. Avoiding significant trauma to the nose especially if the nasal bones have been readjusted and broken and the tip has been restructured it is very important. After 6 weeks even substantive trauma to the nose rarely results in deviation or alteration of the aesthetic result.

I’m sure you have done no trauma. It is best to seek out the expertise of your rhinoplasty surgeon to ensure that all is healing well and you should achieve an excellent result.

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Minor trauma after rhinoplasty

Minor trauma to the nose after 2-3 months can be tolerated easily.  Blackheads are easily removed using Biore strips instead of picking on them which can be more traumatic.


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Closed Rhinoplasty 4 Months Ago

At 4 months post op it is safe to get a facial.  This would be better for deep cleansing.  Follow up with your surgeon that you did not damage your nose when you got hit.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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