Am I suitable for FUE? (photo)

I'm 29 years old and progressing towards a NW5-6. I can't take finastride or minox due to sides. I'm wondering if I'm eligible for FUE? I don't have any expectations of a full set of hair. Just want the same coverage as I have on the top of my head right now.

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FUE Candidacy

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Potentially yes. But to be sure you need an in person examination to look at the density and quality of your donor area, as from the picture it looks like it may be a little thin. Assuming your donor area has sufficient coverage, I think you have realistic expectations and there are ways to work around a donor area that may be lacking a little, such as scalp micropigmentation. 

Santa Monica Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Determine your candidacy

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Even thou the ideal will be to have a one on one consultation in order to be precise, I believe that you are. The point is to have enough grafts in your donor area to be transplanted to the front. You should really get to see a hair doctor to determine your candidacy and treatment.

William Yates, MD
Chicago Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Based on the photos you provided, your coverage value seem to be a bit low. In these type of cases, I recommend the usage of Finasteride to prevent further hair loss and to thicken thinning hair. After using Finasteride in one year and growing the hair a bit longer, the coverage value should be re-evaluated.

As the next step, in order to determine the accurate donor capacity a consultation with an experienced surgeon is necessary which will further give an estimate of the number of grafts necessary considering the calculated density, hair caliber, coverage value and number of hairs per follicle. If the estimated donor capacity is considered to be sufficient, a surgery may be carried out.  

Koray Erdogan, MD
Istanbul Hair Restoration Surgeon

Photos cannot assess if you would be a "suitable" candidate for surgery. Usually this involves seeing a doctor in person.

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Photos cannot assess if you would be a "suitable" candidate for surgery.  Usually this involves seeing a doctor in person.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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FUE procedure for class 5-6

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A good candidate for transplant is generally a patient with realistic expectations and one that understand supply and demand.  It sounds like you have realistic expectations and therefore I think you are a good candidate as longs as you are looking for an age appropriate hairline.  I also think you can consider options of PRP and laser therapy.  You can also compliment the grafts with follicular unit mimicking using SMP.

Justin Misko, MD
Lincoln Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Class 6 patient who is 29 years old

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People with a Class 6 pattern of hair loss can have hair transplants. The use of FUE or strip procedures are options (see below). Adding scalp micropigmentation after the first hair transplant is something you might consider to make it look very full

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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