Can Someone Guarantee Me this Will go Away?

I really need reassurance that this horrible filler will go away. I've read questions on here from people who say they still have filler years later. The dermatologist injected way to high against my nose and now I have two sets of nasolabial folds on each cheek- the old set she pushed up too high, and the new set that has formed where my bone structure has natural NLF. So now what? Will this mess ever come together? Will all this Perlane really ever disappear?? Is there evidence to support it?

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Will Perlane ever really go away

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Perlane is not a permanent filler, so yes, it will go away. The FDA has approved Perlane which doesn't have any permanent substances in it, so yes, over time it will go away. If you hate the results you have now, you can have the filler dissolved with hyaluronidase, which will take it out immediately. Or you can wait it out, which will take up to year for it to fully resolve. I really find that when people hate something, they think it lasts foooorrreeeevvvveeeer, and when people love something, they think it goes away too quickly!

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