Belly button piercing after a mini tummy tuck, belly button untouched? (Photo)

A few days ago I had a mini tummy tuck. I've always wanted my naval pierced but I've never felt comfortable enough to do it. Now I'm feeling super great and want to go for it! I realize I need to wait but I'm curious about how long should I wait? My belly button wasn't touched, my incision is real low (as you guys know :D).

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Thank you for your question. You can pierce your belly button at anytime butit strongly recommend to wait 3 months post op before doing anything that specific to your body. Best of luck

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If your belly button wasnt touched, theoretically you could pierce it any time.  However, you may want to wait for 3-6 weeks while your incision is healing.  If your piercing got infected, it could impact your result.

Tyler C. Street, MD
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