Smoking before rhinoplasty?

Hello, I hope someone can help me! So I am a light smoker, about one or less packs per week, and I hadnt smoked in two weeks. On friday morning I have my rhynoplasty, and i smoked about 3 cigarretes today, wednesday night. I didn't well know the precautions i had go take, so I thought that a little bit more than 36 hours before would be a problem. I usually drink a lot of water, exercise and eat healthy, will there be a problem?

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Not recommended

Smoking in general is not recommended and the standard answer you will get from plastic surgeons is that you need to stop smoking for many reasons including healing and anesthesia related issues.

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Smoking and rhinoplasty

Not only does smoking constrict small blood vessels, it increases the carbon monoxide levels in the blood. This reduces the oxygen carrying potential of the red blood cells. None of this is good for tissues being operated upon.

Dennis Barek, MD
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Smoking before Rhinoplasty

Smoking before surgery is generally not recommended.  Even smoking one cigarette a day will cause the blood vessels to clamp down and decrease circulation to the tissues.  This can lead to poor healing of scars and prolonged swelling.  Best to stop smoking completely months before surgery, or as soon as possible for optimal outcomes.

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