Breast Augmentation, Brazilian lift and Lipo questions. (photos)

1. Can I do a breast lift without implants? 1. My weight fluctuates a lot. I can either go to 140lbs to 160lbs. Will there be a chance that my butt would look disfigured if I lose or gain weight? What I meant by disfigured: there might be a possibility that 1 may be bigger than the other 1 or will it keep it shape? 2. I always have a problem with my arms & my back. Whenever I gain weight, it shows my gain there easily. When you do Lipo, will u take most of the fat there that it will look skinny?

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Breast Augmentation, Brazilian lift and Lipo questions.

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... you can do a breast lift without implants if you have more breast tissue than skin.. If the skin is more than the breast tissue, the better is to do both. implants and a lift.. The bbl can get smaller if you lose weight. if you follow your surgeon's instructions it has to be good. 

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Breast Augmentation, Brazilian lift and Lipo questions. (photos)

Thanks for your questions. A breast lift is mainly done without implants because it is the right procedure for women who have lost the youthful shape and appearance of their breasts due to breastfeeding or other factors. It is recommended that you are close to your baseline weight because fluctuation can have a negative effect on your breasts. Any board-certified plastic surgeon can determine if you are a good candidate for a breast lift. I perform liposuction on a patient’s stubborn fat pockets, whether that’s on their back, arm or abdomen.

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