Do U Think Gsw Reconstruction Can Be Improved

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Facial trauma reconstruction

Unfortunately, the information you have provided about the extend of the trauma and what type of reconstruction has already been done is inadequate. I am wondering about the status of your lower dentition. Was there any reconstruction done in that regard? It seems to me that discrepancy between upper and lower lip size could result from inadequate lower lip support. Osseointegrated implants may be a feasible option depending on what type of reconstruction was done for the lower jaw. Color mismatch of the free flap skin is a common problem, may potentially be improved by dermabrasion. I suggest you discuss these with your surgeon to see what options are available.

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Lip reconstruction

Most probably your reconstruction can be improved. The most important are two factors

1: what is the boney , mandible condition now?

2: How much lower lip do you still have

It looks that you have lip tissue remaining on the sides, may be missing central lip. To gain back function and more tissue in the lower lip a " CROSS LIP FLAP" will be ideal to gain back lipo volume and probably function.

This may allow the release of the right side tissue . then work on the central flap? you had.

and the scar releases, and multiple Z plasties.

mean while working  with dental surgeons for the bone and teeth.

Other possibilities would include some of what was mentioned plus another free flap

Work with your plastic surgeon for complete evaluation and options


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