If Re-growth Were to Occur on the Beard, Would It Come Back Thinner?

Myself: - 23-years old - Male - Mediterranean I have very thick, course facial hair and olive skin. For over two-years, I've shaved with an electric razor and I don't experience acne breakouts or bumps (though my skin tends to be dry, at times). Getting LHR, but I'm concerned that all the thickness and coarse hair will return. Is this true? If it comes back light, and I shave, will it appear dark and coarse? Lastly, it WORTH it?

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Re-growth of Beard Hair

For beards, I find at least 6-8 treatments are needed to significatnly thin the hair and patients are so grateful!  Usually 75-80% of hair is permanantly reduced.  The treatments are at first conservative to avoid inflammation, then the energy is increased.  A maintenance treatment is required about once a year or when you start to see more hair return.  The regrowth will be very gradual, and they will not grow in thicker than before.

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