Will I lose breast mass when I lose weight?

I had a breast reduction done Sept. 16th and I'm getting a tummy tuck next spring, my plastic surgeon wants me to lose 40 to 60 pounds before the surgery and my fear is that I'll lose a lot of volume in my breast. I'm 5'8 and weigh 227 and if I drop 40 pounds will that make me sag? I went from a 38 HH to a 38 C/D

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Yes, you may lose some breast volume as a result of weight loss.

It is likely that you will see a reduction in breast volume as a result of your weight loss, as the breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue. However, it is impossible to say how much of a change in volume you can expect to see, since everyone’s body stores fat differently. Reaching your goal weight is a critical step in ensuring the best tummy tuck results, so I advise you to follow your surgeon’s weight loss instructions. As for sagging, a breast lift (if needed) could likely be combined with your tummy tuck using the same incisions that were used for your initial breast reduction.

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Weight loss and breasts

If you lose weight, then commonly your breasts will become a bit smaller. It really depnds upon how much of your breast is fatty tissue vs parenchyma.

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Breast change size with weight fluctuations

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Hi nana72. Yes you will see size reduction with weight loss, in so much that your breasts are comprised of fat and Breast tissue, the fat will go away. You will be healthier in general, and likely have a better cosmetic outcome with a lower weight (tighter shaping, thinner scars, etc)  There can be complications ( surgical and anesthetic) directly as a result of being overweight, so consider your plastic surgeon's advice as a way of ensuring your best possible result. Good luck!

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Will I lose breast mass when I lose weight?

Yes. You will lose breast mass when you lose weight. It is hard to say how much you would lose, but I would expect to lose some volume. I wouldn't let that deter you from losing the weight though. You would be at increased risk of complications as well as have a subpar cosmetic abdominoplasty result if you don't lose the weight. You just need to know at the time of abdominoplasty you may need to consider a small lift. 

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