I Am 18 Days Post Op from Tuberous Breat Correction and 660cc Saline Implants? (photo)

My breasts are still extremely hard and I feel that my left breast implants is several inches lower than my right. My PS did not give me any instructions in massaging them. It seems that my lower poles are still not filled and am wondering if the implants will continue to drop and fill the under breast. My breasts hurt a lot in the morning when I wake up and I am wearing the post op bra and band above my breasts 24/7. Any advise on how I can get them to drop?

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Time is On Your Side

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You are early in your recovery phase.  Your implants should settle over the next several weeks.  This will improve your overall shape.

Dr. ES

Implants and tuberous breasts

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It is very early and the implants will most likely come down even more over the next few months. Give it time.

Lower pole issues in tuberous breasts

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It is still realy and you have lots of implant volume to stretch things out.  Time will help but please know that tuberous breasts are about the toughest starting point in breast aug surgery and the deficient and constricted lower pole will never be the same as on the non-tuberous person.

Lower breast relaxation after implants

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The relaxation of the skin in the lower breast is needed to help the implant settle in and fit within the breast envelope. Some call this process 'dropping' though if the the pocket has been centered in the breast it is actually relaxation of the skin which gives the result. With a very large implant and a constricted breast the risk is that the skin will not give and a double fold will result. Only time will tell how well things sort out for you.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation for Tuberous Breast Correction?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Always best to check with your plastic surgeon about specific postoperative care instructions;  please make sure you do so even after receiving advice online.

In my practice, I would recommend inferior breast implant massage techniques ( see attached link);  I think that these maneuvers help breast implants “settle”. As you know, this breast implants settling process will help round out the lower poles of the breasts (this lower breast pole tends to be quite tight/flat when patients present with tuberous/constricted breasts).

 I hope this helps.

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