I'm 72 had arm lift because I lost 125 lbs.

The surgery was Aug 9 2016. I'm still bruised and red and have bad burning sensations. The stitches were placed inside. I have ripples along the scar line and assume it where the stitches are. I thought the pain and burning might be because the stitches are finally letting go on the inside. Seems as time goes on and this continues the ripples and scar lays flatter. I'm using a gel the surgeon gave me to help the scar to be less noticeable. Any information will be a help.

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Bruising and burning after arm lift

What you're describing sounds normal to me. There will be unusual sensations you'll experience as your body heals, as nerves grow back, and as scarring grows and resolves. Also, it is very common to have rippling and unevenness of the scars, and this can resolve significantly within the coming months. Give it at least six months before you make a final determination as to the result.

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