Grove Around Crowns. What About Costs For CEREC?

I just got crowns on 2-5, 2-6, I can feel a grove around the margin of each and I'm wondering if this as a concern? I also had a predetermination done and the insurance claimed they only cover $235 for CEREC lab fees, my dentist doesn't have CEREC, don't you have to be scanned to use CEREC? What fee would normally cost more, the CEREC or regular lab fee?

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Cerec Crowns vs. Lab Crowns

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It is not uncommon for a crown made of metal and ceramic or a crown with some sort of substructure to not blend "perfectly" around the tooth thus you being able to feel the margin.  There are all ceramic crowns that allow for the margin to be "blended" into the tooth where the margin virtually disappears.  Cerec technology can provide this type of crown, as can a lab using this type of ceramic. 

Insurance companies are all different as are the policies they sell.  Generally an all ceramic lab crown and Cerec crown are similar in terms of the fees at most dental offices.  You do have to be scanned in order to have a Cerec crown. 

My advice is to be less concerned about cost and more concerned about longevity.  If your crown lasts 5 years and you paid a few hundred dollars less than a crown that lasts 20 years you have saved nothing.  Most dentists will give good advice as to what type of crown material would suit certain areas of the mouth and provide the most esthetic and predictable long term result.  If you are not confident in your current dentist, get a second or third opinion.  It might also be in your best interest to have the crowns you just had placed looked at by another clinician in order to make sure the margins you are feeling are not open.


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