During Vanquish treatments is it normal for your ALT to run high?

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Elevated ALT (a liver enzyme) during Vanquish treatment - it needs more research

I don't think all the potential risks have been investigated by the company.  I have heard of this at a meeting during the discussions after a presentation.  I think it is possible that the liver can get "treated" during a treatment because there is very little control over where the heat actually goes.  I would stick with the standard for noninvasive fat reduction, which is the Coolsculpting, with several years and multiple studies behind it.

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Elevated ALt afer Vanquish treatments

You have raised an interesting question  When fat is broken down it is metabolized through the liver and ALT is a nonspecific liver marker.  How long after treatment was your ALT measured?  Do you know that it was normal before that? 

CoolSculpting has been studied extensively and has not been shown to produce a significant elevation of liver enzymes, cholesterol, or triglycerides in the blood.  I have not aware of studies on this after Vanquish treatment  I would speak to the physician who performed your Vanquish treatment and possibly have the ALT measurement repeated.

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