I have an underbite. Would I be able to have my operation before braces?

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Possibly Before and After!

Assuming your'e talking about jaw surgery, often times braces are done in two stages, a before and after surgery phase. With the technology available today, it's possible to visualize the end-result using 3D x-rays to know what YOUR different stages of treatment would be.

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Ortho surgery

Yes some people have severe skeletel overbite and underbite, and they need orthognatic surgery in combination with braces.The right sequence:1st: You get a braces for couple of months, do initial leveling of your arches of your teeth2: your orthodontist and your oral surgeon coordinate, he will send all your records to your surgeon3rd, you have your surgey and they coordinate together4rd . you recover after surgery come back to your ortho and finish the braces.
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