I have a gap in between my two front teeth, I was wanting to know if it was too large for veneers? (Photo)

Thanks so much! I have dental insurance, but it doesn't cove braces just veneers.

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Porcelain #veneers to close gap between front teeth #DrSoftTouch

Porcelain veneers are an option for you. However, veneering only your two front teeth will not give you the best esthetic result. Also, it appears that you are missing your lateral incisors. For the best results, I would recommend veneering all of the teeth in your smile line (usually 8-10). Find an experienced cosmetic dentist would will make your canines look like lateral incisors and your premolars look like canines. I'll link a photo of a patient of mine who's diastema was corrected using only six porcelain veneers. Your smile is going to look great!  I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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Use orthodontics for this.

You would need to have orthodontic treatment in order to make your smile portional and close the gap. If you try veneers or bonding, your two front teeth are going to look way too big. It also appears that you may be missing your lateral incisors on the right and the left which has allowed your central incisors to drift away from the center. This is another reason why you would want to try Orthodontics instead of cosmetic dentistry using veneers or bonding. Your Orthodontics could be done with Invisalign or conventional brackets and wires.

Gap too large for only TWO veneers

While the gap is large, it is possible to do veneers.  Just not TWO veneers.  It appears you are missing your laterals, and the canines are ALMOST in the lateral position.  To get the best result with only veneers (and not ortho to open up the space to place implants in the lateral spot or bridges to replace the laterals), you will need to lateralize the canines, make the premolars look like canines, and do 8-10 veneers total.  Your case CAN look great, but it won't be simple and will require an experienced dentist that uses a fantastic lab.  A case like yours is in my collection of cases in my realself profile.

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Gap between front teeth

Thanks for submitting your photo.  It does appear from the photo that the space in may be too large for veneers.  You would have two front teeth that are very big and it would not look very good.  Your better option would be orthodontics whether your insurance covers it or not. 

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Gap in Front Teeth

Your gap may be too large to either do bonding or place veneers, but my suggestion would be for a dentist to do a "mock up" using bonding material on your front teeth. This way, you can actually see how it could look.  Maybe you wouldn't mind if your teeth looked wider than they would ideally look. By the way, the other issue you have is that your missing the 2 teeth next to the front ones and your canines are shifted forward. Because of that, you might be able to also slightly lengthen the 2 front ones, thereby helping keep a better balance of length and width. Do a mock-up.  

Gap, too big front teeth, options


The main issue I see with your front teeth is your are missing 2 teeth that is causing the gap to appear.  If you only do two veneers the teeth will be too wide and unnatural looking.  The best option is to do either 4-6 veneers to spread out the gap with other teeth and in the process enhance the look of the other teeth.


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Is gap between my two front teeth too large for veneers?

It appears that you are missing your lateral incisors and your canines are in their position next to your two front teeth.  I would recommend creating Smile Preview Veneers on your four front teeth from direct resin.  I would slightly lengthen your two front teeth teeth to minimize the appearance of their width increase caused by closing the large gap between them.  I would change your canine shape by shortening and addition of direct resin to make them look like lateral incisors.  The Smile Preview Veneers would allow you to see how the final result would look.  If you like how they look, we would remove them and you could immediately proceed to having them bonded on permanently.  If you did not like how they looked, they would be removed and you would then have the option of doing Invisalign or orthodontics to close the spaces, or doing nothing at all and continue to live with the spaces.  

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