What Procedures Will Fix my Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

My face has always been asymmetrical, it is more noticeable when I smile and in photos. Also, my lips are slanted and the middle of my top teeth do not align with my bottom teeth. What are some procedures to help fix my face? I am thinking about getting braces. Would that help? Also, I am the one with light brown hair.

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What Procedures Will Fix my Asymmetrical Face?

A few years ago most doctors would smirk at such a question. Today we actually have the technology to address facial asymmetries. The human face and body are genetically encoded for symmetry so when a person's face or body is asymmetrical it is because environmental factors have altered the genome of that individual. Today we have dental appliances that will stimulate a patient's genome to seek facial symmetry. Because this is a relatively new procedure it is not well-known by most dentists so you will have to know where to go to look for a doctor who can help you. The procedure is referred to as "epigenetic orthodontics" and it truly is an amazing procedure.

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