Would PRP injections or Thermage be the best treatment for helping with under eye bags from incorrect fat grafting? (Photo)

I have bags in tear troughs from incorrect fat grafting, I am 1 yr a month out. I tried LaserR suggested by old PS. It did't work. I don't have a PS now. Having micro needling now not alleviated contouring problem. I am searching for remedy for FG. I wear prescription glasses cover problem. Besides having a bleph I was told can't be done, my eyes were measured, What is the best avenue thermage, PRP, canthapexy ? I don't want fillers, steroids. I am looking for a correction procedure. Advice?

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Thermage for eyes

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Thermage is a fabulous laser to tighten the skin on your body, especially the face and eyes.  However, the side effect you are showing in your photo would not be addressed by Thermage.

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