What would be the best method to fix this? (Photo)

What is the best method to fix this gap between my two front teeth. One of them is crooked.

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Fixing a minor tooth shift can be easy

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I agree with Dr. Merrill's comments.  There are several different clear aligner appliances on the market now that might be appropriate to fix your current issue.  It is a little hard to tell without more pictures, including what we call an incisal shot.  But from what I can see, an orthodontic consult or discussion with a dentist who provides clear aligner corrections, is in order.


Dr. Christian Yaste

3rd option to fix

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Cosmetic bonding can easily give you a great result in 1 visit without filing down or drilling your teeth as required for porcelain veneers.  The dentist must be skilled and artistic and use  a material that when finished properly will be relatively stain free and chip resistant.  The result should last 3-7 years or longer with proper maintenance.  The cost will be 1/2 to 1/3 that of porcelain veneers.   The dentist should be able to place and shape the resin on your tooth quickly to give you a preview to help you decide if it will give you the result that you want.  
Hope this information is helpful to you. 
Dr. Gary Braunstein

2 options

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2 options , braces, for at least 6 months, changing the centrals angulation, and this will close the gap, but need to have good orthodontist to do it, 
option in 2 days, 
perform 2 veners in central teeth, the only thing is that you will need to grind those centrals but your results would be amazing and immediately. 
both options work,and you will find a solution for sure.

Crooked tooth options

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You have beautiful teeth and wonderful overall architecture to your smile. The gap is due to the improper alignment or angulation to your 2 front teeth and your cuspid on your left is longer than the two central incisors as well--. Invisalign would be a great option. Reshaping and composite or porcelain veneering is another avenue to get that perfect smile.  Good luck!

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