I have a front crown that's come out. What can I do? (Photo)

The tooth had a root canal done and a crown 2 months ago yesterday when I was eating it came out along with a long rubber piece attach to the tooth also the tooth that I can actually see is really dark colored there's no pain at all I have no clue how he even was able to cement the crown I'm wanting to know what was the rubber piece for and does my tooth suppose to be dark like that I'm so scared I'm gonna lose it completely and the worse part is that it's my front tooth

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Root Canal

 The rubber piece that's attached to your crown is actually the filling material that was placed when you had a root canal in that tooth. Unfortunately you can't just put the tooth back in because nothing is holding it in. You need to go to the dentist who did the root canal as soon as possible because since there's no filling  protecting where the nerve was, it's possible for you to get an infection in the tooth.  After the root canal is refilled you can then have a crown placed on top of the tooth on a temporary basis. 

Crown come off

The crown that you have in you hand is pretty much a souvenir... The remaining tooth structure is not adequate for restoration/replacement of a new crown, you will have better predictability with an implant or a 3 unit bridge.

Ace Jovanovski, DMD
Round Rock Prosthodontist

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