Can Photodynamic Therapy cause more scaly / precancerous lesions to develop?

I had Photodynamic therapy in March. I had horrible reaction with severe burns, swelling, blisters & peeling. Since I have healed I have scaly precancerous looking lesions popping up all over my face. My face looks worse now than before the treatment. I was wondering if the PDT could have caused more damage? Would it be wise to go to Plastic surgeon vs dermatologist since it's my face! I will never have this procedure again. Ever

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I think PDT is a wonderful treatment to treat a lot of precancers at one time.  Sometimes, precancers that were there but were unseen can become more noticeable with PDT.  We often follow the recommended protocol of retreating at 8 weeks.  This gives the skin 2 cycles before retreatment for maximum benefit.  Stay skintastic. 

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