Greenstick Fracture. Revision Rhino 1 Year Ago and the Bones On My Nose Drift To The Right Every Hour?

A year and a month ago I had a revisionary rhinoplasty to correct scooped dorsum. The first rhinoplasty the doctor did osteotomy on one side of my nose so it was collapsed to one side. The second surgeon used what I now know to be a greenstick osteotomy on the opposite side. He also used ear cartilage with facia to augment my dorsum. The result is the bones on my nose drift to the right every hour and cartilage reabsorbed. This is truly a living hell for me. Please advise and help.

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Bones shift

There are four reasons for a revision; pain, shape, difficult breathing and driving me crazy. You have the last and should be the most motivated.Yo need to seek the advice of an expert or see your surgeon to see if he is confident to fix it.

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Revision Rhinoplasty 1 Year Ago

I'm sorry that you were disappointed again. it is unusual for ear cartilage to absorb. It sounds like your osteotomies were not complete which can cause the nasal bones to move. Your problems can be corrected by a surgeon who is a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

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Greenstick Fracture. Revision Rhino 1 Year Ago and the Bones On My Nose Drift To The Right Every Hour?

  Sadly, yes ear cartilage and fascia used to build up the nasal dorsum can dissolve unevenly as can rib cartilage/bone IMHO.  Creating a green stick fracture can also be described as an incomplete fracture, of the nasal bone(s), that can allow the bone(s) to shift outwards.  This is the reason that complete fractures using Medial and lateral osteotomies are so essential during Rhinoplasty where reducing flared nasal bones is a part of the Rhinoplasty Plan.


 You may want to have a few consultations with experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons but from what you describe it's very likely going to require a revision Closed Rhinoplasty with complete osteotomies, removal of the ear cartilage dorsal onlay graft and placement of a straight silastic dorsal implant to build up the nasal bridge.  Photos, of course, would help with the evaluation.  Hope this helps.

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