Soof cheek lift via LL bleph?

i had a very aggressive LL bleph by a dr who removed all fat pads including my orbicularis oculi. when i smile my cheeks go all the way up to my eyes making them look like crescents, and very un-natural looking. several doctors suggested a soof cheeklift to try and define where my LL stop and cheek starts for it is runs together making a flat looking face. would this procedure help in making my eyes look not so "crescent" looking when i smile? thank you

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Cheek Lift/SOOF--Sagging/Flat Cheeks-Easily Treated with Fillers, Fat w/PRP, Sculptra

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I find fillers work best in this area, and/or fat with PRP.  I suggest a formal consultation. There are skin tightening procedures as well that can be used, in place of surgery, if you are a candidate for a non invasive approach.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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