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hi i had an aggressive LL bleph and the dr removed everything including my pretarsal, i have been looking for volume at lower lashes like korean love bands. a dr in the US said he could place a graph of enduragen "en glove" dissecting the lateral eyelid between orbicularis and conjunctiva/retractor bands. i know i my collagen will grow into the enduragen & it will dissipate. i know there are problems when placed superficial, but on this method do you see any foreseeable problems?

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Terrible idea.

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The enduragen is often associated with inflammation.  If that happens you will be very unhappy and will second question why you choose to do this.  Often the Korean surgeons provide volume for Love band surgery using Alloderm which usually stimulates less inflammation.  However, neither of these products is ideal.  An alternative approach is to use filler in the area to provide localized volume.

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