Revision Breast Augmentation after mastectomy? (photos)

Can we do anything about the right breast? I think scarring has interfered with the shape of the breast. Would increasing the size of the implant improve my condition? This may seem superficial, but my breasts interfere with my golf swing. Can this be addressed? Is this a foolish expectation? Would insurance cover this procedure? Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

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Breast reconstruction revision

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Thank you for your question and posting appropriate pictures. You may be a candidate for the revision of your reconstructed breasts with the use of shaped silicone implants. This is specially true if you had round Implants before these were available and FDA approved.  Reconstruction after breast cancer is something that insurance companies must cover by law.  You would need a consultation for precise recommendations of course.

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The answer is yes

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Hi, and thank you for your questions.  In most cases insurance will allow and cover post mastectomy revisions - to both breasts.  There are laws that exist to help women who are in your exact situation. Although I would need to see you in consultation to create an exact plan, from the photos you posted, it looks as though you could benefit from a revision surgery.  There are many breast implant options available, as well as new surgical techniques which could help resolve some of your issues (and resolve the interference with your golf swing). Please do your research and find a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast cancer reconstruction and revision surgeries.  

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