I have developed a seroma. I also developed a staph infection and have an opening in my wound. Any suggestions?

We have sclerosed, drained several times and even kept drains in 2 time now. My doctor is now talking about performing a procedure in his office to open the wound and fix it. I am pretty scared about this and am not quite sure what I should be doing at this point. Am I doing something that is making this come back so much? Is it normal to fix this in the office after all the measures we have done?

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Wound VAC

The next step might be a wound VAC.  That would provide an active suction mechanism to encourage the wound to heal.

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Seroma and infection

It sounds like you have a complicated problem, and you would need to be seen infernos to determine what would be appropriate. This might include removal of the seroma cavity and irrigating the cavity.

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