Gum around the crown - is this normal? (Photo)

I had a root canal done recently. When I went to the dentist to take the temporary top off he had put in a temporary crown for about two weeks, during which I noticed that the gum near the interior side of the tooth was going dark. I had the permanent crown put in a week ago and the doctor told me the gum around the tooth might grow back, however, since I had the temporary crown put in I see the same darker sports form on the gum of the interior side of the tooth. Is this normal ?

Doctor Answers 1

Dark Gum

So in answer to your question, what you're seeing is not "normal" but is a reaction to the treatment you had done to your tooth. You have an ulceration on the gum that will certainly go away but it may not come back to the exact height it was before. This won't be a problem long term. FYI, if you were wondering, the dark band you see at the top of the crown on the inside is a metal collar which is what fits to your tooth. That appearance is completely normal. I hope this helps!

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