Corrective Dose of Botox? (photo)

My objective is lifted brows. sounds like the easier fix is to lower the higher brow rather than try to lift the depressed brow. I prefer the higher brow. I am confused as to the cause of the droopy brow? Too much botox or too little? I'd rather lift the lower one. It has been 5 days. Might this problem correct itself?

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Botox to lift brows

If your only objective is to raise your eyebrows, then the Botox should only be placed below the eyebrows.  If there was Botox placed into your forehead, then it could possibly cause your brows to droop.  If you did get some drooping of the brows after Botox to your forehead, then this normally does improve with time.  Sometimes this could take just a few days or few weeks to improve, sometimes it may last longer.  If you haven't already, I would contact your treating physician, as they most likely would be able to help you.  

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Botox for uneven eyebrows

You should wait two weeks after your injections to see the full effect.  If your eyebrows are uneven, your injector will have you raise your forehead, squeeze your eyelids shut and frown to see where more Botox should be placed.  If you cannot raise your forehead on the right side, you will require a tiny bit of Botox on the left side of your forehead to even out your eyebrows.  This treatment will not lift your eyebrows, just even them out until the rest of your forehead Botox wears off.  The next time you are due for Botox, your injector will probably not use as much Botox for your forehead so you can have the full benefit of a Botox brow lift. 

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Botox can alter brows

I love using botox to shape the brows. Just a tiny drop of botox in the right place can lift, lower, or even give an arch to flat brows.  

If your brows are uneven at baseline (without any botox), then you can either drop the higher brow OR raise the lower brow.  However, if your brows are uneven AFTER botox, then an adjustment needs to be made.  The best way to determine how to make the adjustment is for your doctor to have you make facial expressions in the office. That will let him/her determine the most effective way to correct the asymmetry.

Whitney Bowe, MD
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Botox results

It is important to return to your original treatment provider 10 days to 2 weeks following your initial Botox treatment to determine if a touch-up dose needs to be administered.  I would not treat again until this time as it can take up to 10 days for full results.  Be patience and return for your follow up appointment.

Richard W. Maack, MD
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Botox to get a Brow Lift

The position of the brow is a balance between muscles of the forehead which lift the brow and muscles around the eye orbit which lower the brow. By weakening them in the right amount, the brow position can be altered in a desirable way. Once you determine how sensitive you are to botox, the doses can be adjusted to get the shape that you want.

Michael Horn, MD
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Botox and brow ptosis

Dr. Swengel answers this as I would have. It is with careful assessment and placement with an experienced and well-trained provider that you achieve optimal brow lift, without the inadvertent brow or lid ptosis sometimes caused by incorrect placement/injections.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Botox above the brows lowers the brows


Thank you for the question and photos.  If you had botox placed in your forehead chances are the low brow is too low and the high brow is in a more normal position.  You could give it another week and see how it changes if at all.  I would first try and raise the lower brow by placing botox on the sides of the eye to paralyze the depressor of the eyebrow (orbicularis oculi).  If this helps but not sufficiently your next step is to place a little botox above the high brow to lower it a little for symmetry.

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Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Botox brow lift

There are several muscles coming into play with regard to the height of the brow.  The biggest players are the frontalis muscle aobve the brow and the upper portion of the orbicularis muscle which is below the lateral brow.   The frontalis wants to raise the brow and the orbicularis wants to pull the brow down.  The trick is to balance these opposing effects to achieve the appropriate lift.  Over time the forehead is at risk of bringing the entire brow down if it is overBotoxed, so you need to make sure it still has some activity to keep the lateral brow lifted while you gently relax the orbicularis underneath the brow to keep it from being pulled down.  It can literally be the difference of placement and amount which determines the amount of lift and the amount of drop of a brow.  This is why Botox is an art!

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox brow lift

I am having trouble seeing what is going on with the photos but will do my best without. If you want to lift your brow then a small amount of Botox can be used in the areas medial to and at the lateral end of the brow. If a lot of Botox is used in the forehead it can depress the brow, especially if injected into the lower forehead  or if a lot is used. A week is a bit early for a full affect so I would give it up to two weeks before making any changes. 

Jo Herzog, MD
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Raising eyebrows with Botox

I'd wait more than 5 days for an assessment. It can take up to 10 days for full effects of Botox to kick in, so right now it's hard to say if the other brow will even itself out. I don't know if you told your injector that you wanted lifted brows (hopefully) as this affects the injection sites for the Botox. If you aren't happy after another 5 days, contact your injector for an evaluation and possible touch-up.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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